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In Coaching we work with personal responsibility and commitment: each person has the answers they need and is responsible for how they want to achieve it and how far they want to go.
A Coach does not give you solutions, he provides you with tools to find your own.
Coaching works on and reinforces all aspects of the person: goals, values, strengths, emotion management, skills, your life purpose…

And it is based on three pillars:


It is the first step: to know where you are, what you really want, what moves you, what prevents you from achieving it…..

Becoming aware of your reality will allow you to move forward.


Contrary to what many people think, responsibility is not a burden, but one of our most powerful sources of energy.

Activating your responsibility means taking charge of your life, your projects and your decisions. But not for the life, projects and decisions of others.

Conscious responsibility will give you great motivation, strength and the will to fight for what you really want.


Dreaming is great, but you can only reach your goal through action. You will be amazed at the small and big things you can do. That’s why in each session we will work on a plan and you will commit to it.

You will be the one to define what you want to improve and how and when you want to achieve it. For my part, I will help you to discover the enormous potential in you and to reinforce your commitment to yourself.

We will work in regular 60-90 minute sessions. Their duration is designed to focus on your objective and to ensure that you get the most out of them. They can be face-to-face, by videoconference or by telephone. For family, team and business coaching interventions, a previous meeting is necessary to get to know each other, determine needs and design a personalised project.
It is a journey in which the starting point is now and the final destination is your goal. The distance between these points, the route and your degree of involvement and motivation will determine the duration of the process. Generally the processes require 5-8 sessions, although there are also clients who need one-off sessions for very specific issues. In the STARTING SESSION we will agree on the best option and clarify any questions or doubts you may have regarding the methodology, the process, the price… whatever you consider.
Depending on your needs. Generally, we will have weekly or fortnightly sessions to get the process going. These are then spaced out over time as you progress towards your goal.
The changes are noticeable from the very first session. You will be surprised to realise that you are capable of much more than you thought, and that it is not as complicated as you feared. You may find that the destination of your journey is very close or that it is different from what you had imagined.

Right now!

Contact me and let’s get to work.

Selecting the perfect COACH to support, challenge and encourage you to achieve your goals is very important. You need to trust your coach, appreciate their style of working and feel comfortable sharing this incredible journey to your potential. Find a coach who is compatible with what you want to achieve, who understands you and your goals. There is a coach for every person and every need.

So be sure to check the following aspects:

Being clear about what you want to achieve and what is important for you, your family, your team, or your organisation are the keys to a good coaching process. But it is not always easy. Your Coach will help you from the beginning to get clarity and to define your goal.
A good coach must adapt to the needs of his clients, regardless of the tools and styles he uses.

The one who makes you feel good. The one you have chemistry with.

You have to feel secure and trust your Coach or the process will not work. If you feel that he/she doesn’t fit your personality or you don’t trust him/her, try another Coach. Likewise, a professional Coach knows when he/she is not the right person and should recommend a change or, if necessary, go to another professional (psychologist, therapist or consultant).

No, a Coach will not tell you what to do. We start from the assumption that you already have all the necessary skills within you to get where you want to be.

Yes, humility and continuous learning are part of the ethical commitment of a coaching professional. It is important to learn every day from the masters. I have my own coaches and mentors who help me to improve and stay in shape.

And above all ask yourself…

Intuition, heart, sixth sense… call it what you will, but when you find your coach, you can “feel it”.

  • You should feel optimistic, excited and really committed to the idea of working with him/her.
  • Coaching is a serious process, but it can also be fun, enlightening and deeply transformative.
  • You should feel really happy to be working with the Coach of your choice.
  • It’s your life, so choose the right Coach to make it truly amazing.
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