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“I am dissatisfied with my job, the bad thing is that I have no alternative”.
“I want to make a radical change in my career, where do I start?”
“I’ve been made redundant, what now?”
“I’d like to get that job, but I don’t know if I’m good enough and I’m afraid of the interview”.
“My teammates don’t collaborate like they used to, what to do?”
“I am dissatisfied with my leadership style, with my communication, I know I can improve”.
“I would like to start my own business, but I only see problems everywhere”.

Given that most of us spend most of our day at work, we should try to live these hours not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity for development. Our work should provide us with energy, not steal it…

In order to achieve a fulfilling professional life, and so that what we experience at work does not affect our family, our environment and our private life, it is important to change our attitude towards and at work.

It’s not just about having the job I want, but what I want from my job.
Being clear about your professional objectives (what do I want), knowing how to prepare for job interviews (how do I present myself?), communicating your work needs in the company (I feel undervalued or I am overloaded), developing your professional and social skills, taking on more responsibility and getting promoted, changing jobs, or deciding to start your own business… All of this depends above all on you.
Coaching will help you to discover your “vocation”, to value your strengths and use them, to be able to recognise your shortcomings and how to work to correct them, to know how to communicate your needs, to lead people with respect and give them the necessary support, to take responsibility for your own decisions and to respect the responsibility of others…
I would like to support you in this process and look forward to our cooperation:
Development starts with yourself, excellence is achieved by working.


“How do I motivate and inspire my employees to improve my company’s results?”
“I don’t know how to adapt my leadership style to the continuous changes in the system”.
“I would like to achieve a culture of excellence in our company”.
“We work against each other instead of with each other, which means we work uncoordinated and do not achieve good results”.
“I want to be in a leadership position, but I am always rejected”.
“I don’t know how to delegate, my employees see me as the boss who decides everything. I want to change and learn to share responsibilities”.

Motivate, convey respect and trust, show appreciation for the commitment and achievements of the team and employees, be honest, learn to understand people and systems, communicate openly and empathetically, take responsibility for oneself and others, be calm when dealing with complex issues and problems, be able to manage conflict, be able to teach but also to learn….

All these describe the values and objectives of successful leadership.

Leadership is not success at all costs. A true leader works from authenticity, integrity and coherence. Values that transcend the private sphere and are reflected in professional life.
That is why self-leadership is also important.
What are your principles regarding your integrity?
I look forward to accompanying you on your way to a more personal and fulfilling leadership based on good self-guidance, sustainable natural authority and greater serenity.
I offer my cooperation for:
I look forward to our cooperation!