Each of us knows deep down what moves us and what moves us, what drives us forward. But not all of us are able to communicate it in words.

This section opens a space in which my clients have wanted to share, through images or words, the unique expression of what they have experienced in their coaching processes, as well as moments that have a very special meaning and have remained anchored in their lives either as a desire achieved or the road to travel.

My small tribute and my deepest thanks to all of them for their time, courage and shared experiences.

I found it extremely difficult to choose a specific picture related to the changes in my life due to coaching. When I started to reflect and choose the pictures I realised so many changes that I could edit a 100 page album full of pictures and descriptions. 聽
I have decided to choose the image of the hummingbird caught in flight. This is what our life is like, full of precious, intense, unforgettable and above all unrepeatable moments. It is necessary to value it and catch it, to realise how beautiful and unrepeatable our life is, my life in particular. To live it with intensity, to live with courage and joy, to live with freedom and confidence. That is my great treasure that I owe to the coaching process and that is just beginning because Transpersonal Coaching is more than a tool, it is a way of living and as such it possesses a vital force that makes you grow.

This photo expresses what I achieved through coaching... Daring to live experiences that fascinate me without fear.
Thanks to my Coach Teresa for her commitment, seriousness and discretion. The Coaching sessions have been a great help, they have helped me to identify the areas in which I was stuck and to break the blocks I had, I have strengthened my confidence, I have learned to prioritise, to make decisions, to know how to say "no" without feeling guilty, to set limits and rules..... To make decisions. Thank you very much for teaching me techniques that have helped me to continue growing as a person. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for your professionalism.

Now I can travel with my children for a few days. I can say no to what I don't want or don't like. I can meet my friends. I learned to trust other people.
Loly 60 years old. I work as a dog nanny. Teresa offered me coaching. The truth is that I had no idea what it was and I had a lot of problems in my head and I agreed. It has been an enriching experience for me, if someone motivates you and helps you to take new steps. The result has been very positive, the process has helped me to discover my fears and learn to use tools that have helped me to overcome them. I have learnt many things, including managing my emotions. To have new attitudes, both personally and at work. A bit of lack of organisation, a bit of fear, all these issues were touched on and... overcome. Thanks to these sessions I have been able to change many things that were stagnant in my life. To do and see life in a different and simpler way. I now feel capable of doing whatever I set my mind to, I know. Thank you Teresa.

The first child in the photo is Kaleb, a Tanzanian boy. His only resource for getting ahead is himself and the education he receives thanks to the Carpio P茅rez Foundation. He seems to be looking towards the horizon, pensive but optimistic. It seems to me a good way of positioning himself for the future.
To give yourself permission to stop and think about yourself and everything that really matters, to look to the future with some of your professional and family goals in mind... Who do you really want to be? Who is important in your life? What can you do to improve your relationships with others? How would you like to see yourself in a few months? And in a year? How far are you from achieving this? What skills do you think you have to achieve this? What do you need to improve? Undoubtedly, for me the coaching process with Teresa is a challenge, an adventure towards myself and towards what makes me happy in all areas of my life. We have managed to empty and sort backpacks, set goals, relativise some small obsession that made me lose confidence, enhance the positive (believing in it) and, what for me has been the most important thing, unblock the feelings of failure and frustration when I try something and I don't achieve it. Thank you, Teresa, for giving me this opportunity and for creating a climate of trust and confidence from the start. Your professional and personal experience makes the difficult seem easy.

I have chosen this photo because it is one of my passions: pets. The other passion is everything to do with creativity.
I am a person who didn't get involved in anything to avoid conflict and I didn't like anyone around me to suffer. The combination was explosive at various times. After going through Teresa's coaching sessions it has given me the strength to create my own life. I have been able to create my own company, working and living what I am passionate about.

I have chosen this photo because the shadow represents the dark side of our personality. This dark side manifests itself in our fears, frustrations and insecurities.
There are times when we need someone to help us find the way to manage our emotions, to change our way of thinking and perceive situations, in addition to identifying our strengths and weaknesses that sometimes we do not know we have them, I have had the invaluable and professional help of Teresa my personal coach, thanks to her commitment and know-how, I have been able to discover and know myself better, to live according to my values, to become more aware of my weaknesses and strengths to improve aspects of my personal and professional life, to solve conflicts especially within myself, to be able to make decisions (which is very difficult for me), in short, to be a little happier. Thank you Teresa for being present in my life.