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¿Qué clase de familia queremos ser?
¿Cuáles son nuestros valores? ¿Y nuestros objetivos?
¿Cómo queremos tratarnos y hablarnos?
¿Qué tipo de cosas nos gustaría hacer?
¿Cuáles son nuestras responsabilidades como miembros de esta familia?

We live immersed in the day-to-day, with complicated schedules, full of activities, arriving home exhausted, without enough time or calm to be able to enjoy ourselves with the ones we love the most.

In this situation it is difficult to have good and stable family relationships. And little by little the problems start: jealousy, dissatisfaction, manipulation, lack of communication, loss of authority, break-ups…

Families are complex, evolving systems, and as in any group, things do not always work as everyone would like them to.

How will we work?

Family coaching is particularly effective in finding out what is happening, setting shared goals, and developing a family culture based on values, with its own character and deep, mature and quality relationships.

We will learn to incorporate new dynamics that improve coexistence and strengthen the bonds between all members of the family. To become powerful agents of change to improve and fix situations that affect everyone.

We will practice moving from “I” to “we”, from independence to interdependence. It is about daring to change. A real challenge in family life.

I invite you to get involved in this MISSION POSSIBLE !!!!


“I know what I would like to do, but I don’t know if I’m good enough. I have a lot of doubts.
“At home they don’t understand me, they don’t value me. I just want to be left alone.
“I do things I don’t really like to please my friends.
“My son doesn’t leave his room, he hardly talks to us anymore. He’s hooked on social media.
“I’m afraid of letting my parents down.
“I am not interested in studies. They bore me and I want to quit.”

Adolescence is a fascinating stage of transformation and growth. A key period for sowing values and growing in all senses.
We need young people who take responsibility for their future. Who have good inner judgement, initiative and the skills to navigate their way to psychological, emotional and physical well-being and balance.

Parents sometimes do not know how to or cannot manage this task alone.

Youth Coaching will help our young people to develop their full potential and talents, to become confident people, with values, authentic and with projects that give meaning to their lives.

Through the tools of coaching, emotional intelligence and NLP, we will work:
In short, children and young people will find in the coaching process that space to internalise, become aware of who they are and what they want, take responsibility for their actions and commit themselves to carry out actions for personal change.