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Professionals and executives

Do you want to launch your project?
Do you have your objectives defined? Do you know what the next step in your business is?
Do you manage to fulfil your planning or do you get scattered and focus on putting out fires?
Are you able to prioritise and organise yourself?
Do you want more freedom and time for yourself and your family?

Leading yourself, that's the real challenge.

If you are thinking of changing your job or profession, if you want to launch your own business and you are not sure what to do, I am here to help you.
I encourage you to start a coaching process with which you will overcome the insecurities that keep you away from your professional goals.


And much more!

No pierdas la oportunidad de transformar esa voz en tu cabeza que dice que no puedes conseguir tus metas, o que te pone excusas para que no te lances a por ellas… para que trabaje para ti y no contra ti.

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Motherhood and parenting

“I want to enjoy my motherhood and my work and I don’t get it.
“I have so many doubts about whether I am bringing up my children well.
“Why doesn’t anyone notice my needs?”
“Sometimes I feel guilty for not getting to everything the way I would like to.”
“I would like to be able to communicate better with my children, without shouting and threats”.

Mothers... on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Becoming a mother is probably the most profoundly life-changing event in a woman’s life.

It changes your priorities, your relationships with your partner, family and friends, it affects your work, even your body?

What to do when your situation changes and you can no longer do what you did before, how to overcome the feeling of “not getting everything done”, how to stop feeling guilty for not doing everything well, how to manage to share responsibilities with the other members of your family?

Sometimes you have to stop, to give yourself time to go on. It is not a failure, nor are you weaker for it. It is normal and the best thing to do in many cases.

Keeping our balance or being overwhelmed by our emotions will make the difference between acting in a meaningful way, in accordance with who we are and what we want, or doing so without knowing where we are heading, at enormous personal cost to ourselves and those around us.

Because when you are clear about your priorities and how you want your life to be, everything is easier.

To achieve this you will learn to:
Dare to enjoy being a mother and leader of a great team: your family!

Maturity and active ageing

“No more forgetting about myself and thinking only about others.
“I have the time and the desire to do a thousand things. And I have decided to do it”.
“I want to take care of myself and be taken care of”.
“I finally feel strong and full of energy. I am in control of my life”.


After decades of work and family, with no time to stop, there comes a moment when, unintentionally or unwillingly, your life takes a 180¬ļ turn.

For a long time you have been the woman at the service of others: your children, your parents, your partner, even your work… Your interests were put aside, putting their well-being first. And now that things have changed, you realise that you need to move forward and take control of your life again. A life that today does not satisfy you as it is.

Change is difficult. Yet it is the best alternative to stagnation, lack of confidence and inability to decide and act.

It’s time to act, to take care of yourself and to think about yourself. Without regrets. With enthusiasm.

So that you can get out of the stagnation and live the life you REALLY want, because it’s time and it’s your turn.

Do you want to feel that you are doing just what you want to do and how you want to do it?

Instead of feeling guilty, unmotivated and off-centre, it’s time to give yourself permission. To reorganise yourself. To review what you do and what you do it for. To be aware of what is essential, what you can discard and what you can do differently.

And that you don’t mind sacrificing things because the end result will be worth it. Because you know what you want in your life.

If you are at this crossroads, I invite you to take a step forward and start a coaching process.

What will you get?

      • What is not in your power to change. And still feel good.
      • What can be different. And do it.
Do you want to make the most of this new stage in your life?
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