“I know what I would like to do, but I don’t dare to go for it.
“I want to change the way I think and behave.
“Every year I make new resolutions and always give up.
“I am unable to accept my past and look confidently to the future.
“I am at a turning point in my life and I don’t know which path to take.
“I panic that I will be rejected if I show myself as I am”.

We lead such busy lives, we live at such a speed, that we cannot or do not know how to stop and take time for ourselves and the people we care about. Sometimes we don’t even dare to do so. We are afraid of not recognising ourselves, of being aware of what we have left behind.
In the personal coaching process the protagonist is you. We will work on what you want to achieve, what you want to recover, where you would like to be. That is where the journey begins.
You will learn about the fears, beliefs and limiting judgements that hold you back. You will discover skills you didn’t even know you had and we will delve into the strengths and gifts that make you special. You will decide what you are going to do, how and with whom. And the pace you want to follow to achieve what you set out to do. You’ll be amazed at the options that will open up to you!
Cemeteries are full of dreams!
Don't wait any longer to get yours.


“I would like to know how to manage my emotions, not have them manage me.
“I’m tired of telling myself that I can’t, that I won’t make it”.
“I need to regain balance and harmony in my life”.
“I am very demanding with myself and I need to have everything under control in order to feel good. It generates a lot of anxiety and I want to change it”.

      • Do you know how to recognise your emotions?
      • Do you listen and attend to them or do you repress them?
      • Would you like to learn how to explore and manage them in a healthy way?
Throughout our lives we face all kinds of situations, many of which do not depend on us, we do not choose them. A good example of this is the scenario we are living through with the Covid pandemic.

But there is something that is within our reach and that depends exclusively on each person: we are free to CHOOSE how to live each situation.

Keeping our balance or being overwhelmed by our emotions will make the difference between acting in a meaningful way, in accordance with who we are and what we want, or doing so without knowing where we are heading, at enormous personal cost to ourselves and those around us.
Why carry out an EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT process?
Because it will allow you to acquire tools to identify and manage your emotions so that they are a source of impulse and not a source of blockage and suffering. To do this we will work on:
Our challenge: To turn fear, anger, frustration, sadness, pride… into our allies and not our enemies.


“How do you talk to yourself?
“How do you relate to other people when you feel hurt or angry?
“How do we put forward our opinions when we strongly disagree with the arguments of others?”
“How do you offer responses to the distress and sadness of someone you love?”

Good communication, a magic wand

An essential element in our lives is the way we communicate.

      • How do we relate to others when we are hurt or angry?
      • How do we state our opinions when we strongly disagree with the arguments of others?
      • How do we offer responses to the distress and sadness of someone we want to help?
      • How do we deal with difficult situations in our work environment?
Our words, gestures and attitudes have enormous power: they motivate, comfort, reinforce… but they also offend, hurt and sabotage. Not only to the people we talk to, but to ourselves.
The good news is that it is up to us to CHOOSE HOW WE COMMUNICATE. Communicating while being aware of our feelings, thoughts and judgements and knowing how to state what we want and need is key to our well-being and that of our relationships, whether in the family, work or social environment. To achieve this, the following are necessary:
      • Active LISTENING and RESPECT for others and for oneself.
      • The ability to EXPRESS ourselves without judgement, in an assertive and empathetic way.
Exercising these skills will enable you to communicate more effectively and make a big difference. It will help you to: