Inspire you... Push you... Challenge you...

I chose this picture because the shadow represents the dark side of our personality. This dark side manifests itself in our fears, frustrations and insecurities.


There are times when we need someone to help us find the way to manage our emotions, to change our way of thinking and perceiving situations, as well as to identify our strengths and weaknesses that sometimes we don’t know we have. I have counted on the invaluable and professional help of Teresa my personal coach, who thanks to her commitment and know-how, We have managed to make me discover and know myself better, to live according to my values, to become more aware of my weaknesses and strengths in order to improve aspects of my personal and professional life, to solve conflicts, especially within myself, to be able to make decisions (which I find very difficult), in short, to be a little happier.

Thank you Teresa for having been and being present in my life.