Inspire you... Push you... Challenge you...

I found it extremely difficult to choose a specific image related to the changes in my life due to the coaching. When I started reflecting and choosing the pictures I realized so many changes that I could edit a 100 page album full of pictures and descriptions.


I decided to choose the image of the hummingbird caught in flight. This is how our life is presented, full of precious, intense, unforgettable but above all unrepeatable moments. We have to value it and catch it, we have to realize how beautiful and unrepeatable our life is, my life in particular. To live it with intensity, to live with courage and joy, to live from freedom and with confidence. That is my great treasure that I owe to the coaching process and that just starts because Transpersonal Coaching more than a tool is a way of life and as such has in itself a vital force that makes you grow.